Open Access Statement

CKS Journal (Challenges of the Knowledge Society) is an open access publication. Thus, its content can be freely accessed by internet users (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, including PhD Candidates, as well as by academics and researchers not limited to this categories) or by higher education institutions or by any other institutions that have interest to.
Users may read, download, search, link, copy or print the full texts of the scientific papers published in CKS. Users do not have to ask for permission from the publisher or the author before quoting or referring to an article.
The Open Access Statement of CKS complies with the BOAI definition of Open Access, through which articles may be disseminated to the worldwide scientific community through the Internet. Open Access facilitates free access to knowledge via Internet.
CKS respects and encourages the Open Access initiative.
Once abstracts and full texts are published in CKS, they can be accessed free of charge by anyone.