LESIJ Lex ET Scientia International Journal

Latest number of LESIJ - Lex ET Scientia International Journal, has been published. 

Here are some of the articles that have been selected for LESIJ nr. XXVI, vol. 2/2019:  

  • Nóra JAKAB - Social Dimension of the EU – The Pillar’s Impact on European Labour Law; 
  • Valentina BĂRBĂȚEANU - Personal Data Protection Issue Reflected in the Case-Law of the Constitutional Court of Romania; 
  • Maria-Cristina SOLACOLU - Comparison Between the Legal Particularities of Romania’s and the United Kingdom’s Membership of the European Union;  
  • Andrei ZARAFIU - Prosecuting Charges for the Accomplishment of Certain Legal Activities. Protection, Guarantees and Limits in the Practice of the Lawyer Profession;  
  • Tudorel B. BUTOI, Corina Florenţa POPESCU - Polygraph Investigation Technique (Lie Detector), A Legal Fiction From The Probative Force Point Of View - Possibilities and Limits.

LESIJ is available also online at http://lexetscientia.univnt.ro