CKS 2018 / Venue

The international “CKS - Challenges of the Knowledge Society” Conference is organized in Bucharest, on the “Nicolae Titulescu” University student campus, at no. 185, Calea Văcăreşti, sector 4. In order to ensure adequate room for the scientific debates at the conference, organizers provide the participants large halls in the building of our University, amphitheatres, IT laboratories and all the equipment that is necessary for the presentation of the submitted research papers, including access to Internet.

The ″Nicolae Titulescu″ University from Bucharest has imposed itself as an authentic, serious and distinct higher education institution, which is largely appreciated in the Romanian academic world.

Ever since it was set up, the university has benefited from an elite academic staff and it has performed its activity with professionalism and exigency. Our graduates have proved this fact repeatedly and many of them have already become successful in the professions they have chosen.

Our concern for performance, which is in accord with the exigent requirements of our current society, is doubled by our efforts to ensure students and academics the best conditions for studying and working. The University has new, modern premises, amphitheatres and large seminar halls, well equipped laboratories, a library in which students can find the latest academic resources according to their domain of study, as well as access to Internet etc. All these help us create a proper frame for performing a high quality didactical and scientific activity.

We intend to act in such a way that in the future ″Nicolae Titulescu″ University not only will confirm the wide appreciation it enjoys today as an accredited higher education institution, but it will also maintain or even enhance its prestige.
Our mission statement is and will remain: high-quality education, professionalism and exigency.


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